Friday, February 1, 2008

Satyam pattern

1. Written test

2. Group Discussion

3. Interview

1. Written test was of 30 minutes, 15 questions. +1 or -1/4 (negative correction was there)
The paper was of Logical Aptitude Some questions were very easy like- one-third of a number is also half. (Ans.3/2)
arranging the sentences in a sequence. counting the number of a's, b's, i's etc in a sentence
decoding the codes.(some numbers and corresponding letters for them will be given - very easy - new code and old codes will be there)
5 ltr and 3 ltr, will be there 4 ltr has to be
Some questions were confusing. Don't attempt the
questions if u r not sure.

I think for this paper, you can't have a book to
refer. It depends on how u analyse the questions at
that time. Be cool, don't get tensed.

2.Group Discussion for those who clear the test.
I got the topic-"Why is Indian Hockey limping"
You have to speak and tell something different(
hightlight a point which is not made by other members
of the group). I think they see leadership quality,
Taking Initiative etc.

I came to know the two other topics, which were -
"UN's peace activities" and "America's war on Iraq".

If u clear this round u will move on to interview.

3. It consists of HR and technical interview.- both
will be held at the same time by two people
In HR interview they ask questions like - tell about
yourself, your parents, brothers, sisters. why should
I recruit u?, What r your interests, hobbies-quesitons
on that.

In technical interview I was asked questions on -
circular linked list, OOPs features(encapsulation,
inheritance etc.), How a C program will be executed?
(First preprocessing, compiling etc.), Difference
between Java and C++, about bite code, threads and
process, applets, Virtual functions, abstract class,
public, private, protected, etc.

I heard that some people were asked questions on
DBMS, microprocessors, C, OS

Questions on your project.

While answering be confident, if don't know the answer
admit frankly.
[curtesy post from sridhar]

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