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10 Days Guide to Crack INFOSYS (Infy)

Usually when you register with Infosys, you would get a mail at least 10 to 12 days before the written test either by email, or by post. Let us keep this as 10 days. Before we start off, three rules must be kept in mind.

While job hunting, check your mail on a daily basis, so that you don’t get delayed info regarding test or other such details. Even the appointment order comes by email.

Once you do receive the intimating or hall ticket, check for the following books. Not all chapters need to be followed in each book and i have given the need ones in the daily schedule.
(1) Puzzles to Puzzle you - Shakuntala Devi (very Important)
(2) More Puzzles - Shakuntala Devi (very Important)
(3) Puzzles and Teasers - George Sammers (very very Important)
(4) Brain Teasers - Ravi Narula (Optional, but few old sums are here)
(5) Quantitative Aptitude - R.S Agarwal (Important)
(6) Verbal Reasoning - R.S Agarwal (very very Important)
(7) Previous Papers - Chetana group, Mail me for more (Important)

THIRD RULE: YOU must forget all your previous failures and start a fresh with firm determination and enthusiasm. Once you do this, solving puzzles become easy. Concentrate on the bigger puzzles first. This may be the way the marks are distributed:
8 marks and 6 marks - George Sammers and Verbal Reasoning (R.S Agarwal)
4 marks and 5 marks and 3 marks - Shakuntala Devi books and Ravi Narula and Quantitative Aptitude (R.S Agarwal). Some questions from Previous Papers

Now let’s start of with the schedule:

DAY 1:
Start off with Puzzles to Puzzle you - Shakuntala Devi and finish as mush as possible. Decide to only finish the book and call the day off. Note down the sums which you are not able to solve or need the answers to solve and keep this list safely. After you go through the whole book, go back to these questions and just check out the way they are solved. Sometimes they will not be explained. In this case you have no choice but to leave them. But some sums will have some funny explanations. Just remember the way or method.

DAY 2:
Now take a break off from Shakuntala Devi and then start verbal Reasoning - R.S. Agarwal. In this you just have to do the Puzzle Test Chapter fully, and have a look at the Number, Ranking and Sequence Test chapter. It contains fully George Sammers type question on easier scale but you would be able to understand the basic logic of solving George Sammers type questions. Finish off the whole book during the second day. There is just one or two methods to solve these sort of questions and the explanation is very clear.
Once you get the method, you can solve al the puzzles in this, but just in case do go through all the puzzles. There have been puzzles in previous papers from here. Once ou get the method well, there will not be any revision necessary in this book. But you will have to concentrate on the method.

DAY 3:
Now back to More Puzzles - Shakuntala Dei and follow the same procedure you followed for the first book.

DAY 4 and DAY 5:
Get your George Sammers book and start off solving the puzzles. The first half is kind of easy, but don’t be worried if you are not able to solve much. Even one or two is enough. The Rest, you just have to use the scheme and the solutions and then understand the puzzle thoroughly. Many papers have similar sums with the names changed. Try to finish the first half in a day. And start off the second half. The second half is relatively tougher, and it will be very confusing. Just try to solve some. The second half, even the solutions will confuse you more. So just solve as many as you can. The rest you can make use of the solutions. If they are too complex, leave them aside. Note down all sums you could not solve or could solve only using the solutions and list them. When you are through the whole book, just revise all the sums, giving preference to the ones that you have listed. It is ok even if you sit with George Sammers for three days. But you must fully be able to understand the entire question in the First part. The second part, at least maybe few sums are optional.

DAY 6:
Take your quantitative Aptitude book by R.S Agarwal and workout the following chapters fully. Note down tough sums and their solutions and come back to solve them and revise them.
The chapters to be done are:
(1) Time and Distance (very important)
(2) Time and Work
(3) Pipes and Cisterns
(4) Trains
(5) Boats

DAY 7:
Revise Shakuntala Devi book-1 and revise it well. Not necessary to work out the problems. Just check if your method is correct. The sums you have listed, give them extra importance. By the end of this day, you must Shakuntala Devi book-1(Puzzles to
Puzzle you) on your finger tips.

DAY 8:
Revise the book-2 of Shakuntala Devi, just how you revised the first book. End of this day you should have both Shakuntala Devi books at your finger tips.

DAY 9:
Revise George Sammers, such that you can easily solve the whole first part. The second part, leave it, if it is tough.

DAY 10: Check out Ravi Narula. The sums are very tough. It will be enough if you just c the solutions and understand them. Some sums are asked in some papers.( There is one question about some ANYMAN reaching ANYWHERE. His tier gets punctured and he reaches late. If his tier got punctured earlier / later then he would have reached earlier/later. How far did he travel? Something like that).that is from this book. Many papers have this sum repeated. But the names are changed. Ravi Narula is just optional, but I suggest that you go through all sums and their solution at least once. Don’t take too much time on Ravi Narula. Just three or four hours would be sufficient.

INTERVIEW: Interview is Casual. If you have done excellently well in the test, your interview process is very simple and a walkthrough if you have good communication skills (Speak clearly, frankly).

Every Problem has a Solution.

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