Monday, December 24, 2007

Information On Various Types Of Interviews

Different Types Of Interviews:

1. Campus Interview:

  • Campus interviews are ususally brief.
  • In campus interviews, various companies visit your college campus or institution.
2. Onsite Interview:
  • It is an interview with the prospective employer at their offices.
  • The session may be interviewed by an individual, a small group or several people in succession.
  • The interview could last for any length of time.
3. Telephone Interview:
  • It is a common format through telephone.
  • It usually lasts between 10-30 min.
4. Committee Interview:
  • This is an interview with a group of people who may all ask and answer questions.
5. Group Interview:
  • Group interview involves a number of candidates working on a common project or discussion.
  • Imortance of this interview for candidate is to check their leadership quality level and cooperative roles.

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